When Good Turns Bad: New Jersey Man Proposes To his Girlfriend, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next….

When romantic goes wrong!

A New Jersey man wanted to do the romantic thing and propose to his girlfriend. Sounds sweet enough right?  Well Isaiah Cox was preparing a nice breakfast for his girlfriend at their home in Millville, South Jersey.

That’s when he heard his son crying, so naturally to give his girl a break he went to run and check on his 1-year-old. It all went downhill from there.

Those couple of minutes he went to check on a child, put the kitchen on fire.
“I threw the pot of grease out of the window to try to put it out. I was so confused, I forgot to grab the fire extinguisher that was right there when you enter the kitchen,” he said to NJ.com.

His home was badly damaged by the fire, and he had to escort his family out. Instead of an engagement party, the poor family is now temporarily homeless…