What Hip-Hop Fairy-tales Are Made Of

A rapper approached Kanye West to spit some bars and watch what happens next. . .

Cameron Grey said Eminiem’s words “If you had one shot, one opportunity, one moment, would you capture it?” were flowing through his head when he saw Kanye West and Justin Beiber leaving Big Sean’s concert at The House Of Blues in LA over the weekend. So he took that chance and tried to approach Ye. Despite the security surrounding the two stars, Grey approached West in the hopes of performing for him.

At first, the security tried to guide the amateur rapper away so that Kanye could get into his ride and head out. But Ye took a liking to Grey. So, instead of leaving right away, the star took the time out his night to take Grey up on his offer saying “Rap bars right there,” West says.

After listening to the performance, Kanye asked Cameron if he would like to start out as an assistant. Exciting Cameron who quickly accepted, saying, ” I just wanna learn man.” Which is a coincidence because its the same way Big Sean got signed to Kanye West back in 2009. We shall see what the future holds for the blessed rapper. Maybe one day he’ll be sippin Chardonnay while listenin to Marvin Gaye too….

Watch the ‘audition’ below:

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