Was The Fame Worth The Sisterhood & Letters?

Controversy has been huge surrounding the VH1 reality show Sorority Sisters. So bad in fact that some sponsors decided to pull out of the show only after a week. Now it seems like some of the cast are also feeling consequences of their own. Cast members April McRae and Joy Hammond were suspened from their soroity Alpha Kappa Alpha until July of 2016 because of the actions surrounding the show. They are permitted from taking part in any and all Sorority activities, in any capacity, until restored to good standing by the Regional Director, upon approval of the International President.

Check out April’s responses below:

On how she became apart of the show:
I received an email in 2013 looking for women who had pledged sororities and about their lives beyond their college years, how they had continued to give back to the community. I replied immediately. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show my business.

The backlash from doing the show:
I expected a response, but not a backlash, certainly nothing to this degree. Not to the point of boycotted, not to be recommended to be kicked out of my sorority. It’s all unfortunate. Nearly all of [the cast members] have received death threats. I read a message from a woman that said, “Being on the show, you committed suicide. I should help you do it,” or something like that. I’ve had people come to my building. Thankfully, I live in a high-rise with security. It’s been a challenge to go on social media and see threats and comments and derogatory things about me. Some of the people … say they are [black] Greeks. Most are not. But those that are in black Greek-letter organizations should hold themselves to the same standard they hold us to. There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on.