The Little Girl From Missy Elliott’s Video Isn’t So Little Anymore, Watch Her Tribute To Missy

While most people probably still call her The Little Girl In Missy Elliott’s Music Video, her real name is Alyson Stoner. As we found out right after the Super Bowl, Stoner’s still around, having appeared in the Step It Up movies and doing voice over work in various spots.

Missy’s experienced a huge surge in popularity after performing “Work It” at the Super Bowl and already back in the booth with Timbaland to create new material. As for Stoner, she’s gotten her share of attention recently as well. BuzzFeed just published an interview with her where Stoner reflects on working with the lady who gave the world Supa Dupa Fly and more.

Watch the video below where Stoner paid tribute to Missy’s “Work It” video with a little creativity and by bringing back some of her patented dance moves.

The Missy Elliott Tribute | Alyson Stoner

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