Teenage Girl Catches A Whoopin’ for Twerking ! SMH

As we all know, this generation of teenagers and children are too grown for their own good smh. But best believe this young girl will think twice before she twerks in a private or public setting again after experiencing super traumatic beat down at the hands of her mother. It looks like the teen thought the coast was clear to engage in some extracurricular activities in the form of “twerking” for the camera, when the young girl’s mom unsuspectingly rolled up on the girl and commenced to going upside her head with a baking pan?? Yup. Guess she learned that day! I’m sure the beat down that went viral, will be keeping this girl out of trouble for many years to come! This video might even change other girls minds about twerking in public and/or on social media.

Watch the video here: