Sheeeshhhhhh No Wonder Why Jada & Will Are Still Together !!! Check Out Jada

They may be married for almost 20 years now with two kids, but Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith still know how to keep the magic alive.

Jada revealed one of their tricks on Facebook the other day, when she posted a photo of herself sleeping naked. Well, almost naked. In the photo she’s wearing some pretty serious gold bling around her otherwise nude self, because duh.

But sleeping naked isn’t the secret to the couple’s success (or maybe it is — it’s just not the secret we were talking about). It’s the fact that Will took the photo of a sleeping Jada on the down low, then added it to the stash of snapshots he takes in admiration of his wife’s beauty. She captioned the photo with this revelation: 

“I discovered the sexiest secret the other day. My husband takes pics of me in my sleep. He has a whole stash he revealed to me and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of myself through his eyes. I had to share one with you guys;)”

The power couple is one of the few success stories in Hollywood’s long history of failed romances, and it seems one of the reasons they’re still going strong is that Will reminds himself that his wife is a treasure. Awww.

Check out the pic below: