Seafarer Getting Close With K. Michelle… Is It Genuine Or To Throw Shade At Nicki Minaj?!

     Very interesting…….While K. Michelle has definitely denied any shade towards Nicki Minaj when it comes to her former longtime boyfriend Safaree, who has now been left hanging in the wind since Meek Mill fully entered the picture. Well now that Nicki is supposedly trying to move on with her life, after quick rebound with Meek, looks like Safaree has found some other way to occupy his time as Memphis songstress K. Michelle and him have taken a liking to one another, and have a “blossoming” friendship LITERALLY! After K. Michelle twerked to his track “Burner“, as well as invited him to come along for her fans meet and greet while in NYC on Valentines’ day. Lastly lets not forget his recent gesture of sending K a bouquet full of Sunflowers after her brief stunt in the hospital. 

  Now while K. Michelle in past remains that she has all the love and respect for Nicki…..we can’t help but feel the songstress may be taking some subliminal shots of her own, being that she use to her own dealings with the Philly Dreamchaser. Shrugs. Can’t keep up with this crew.