Nicki Minaj Utilizes Her Acting Once Again !

Nicki was inspired by Hov and a few other hip hop artists to mix some music videos in a pot and pour out 1 big themed video and call it a Movie. So she creates ‘The Pink Print Movie’. The PinkPrint movie has 3 tracks off Nicki’s newest album(titled the same) which are “The Crying Game”, “I Lied”, and “Grand Piano”, all of which are talking about a relationship that has fell apart, and how she’s dealing with it…sound familiar? The visuals are pretty dope, not too much, just right, the only thing is Nicki gets into a car accident, and it seems as though Boris is her savior, but insteead of taking her to a hospital, he takes her home, gash on her forehead and all…

Watch the 16 minute movie for yourself:

Beats by Dre Presents: The Pinkprint Movie by Nicki Minaj

The Pinkprint Movie by Nicki Minaj “The PinkPrint” Deluxe: “The PinkPrint” Deluxe Edited: “The PinkPrint” Explicit: “The PinkPrint” Edited: Subscribe: Beats by Dre Presents: Nicki Minaj “Only” #SoloSelfie :