New Hot97 Personality Nessa Gets Welcomed To Hot By J. Cole & Snoop Dogg

After much anticipation, Nessa officially began her reign at Hot 97 with her first show.

The personality flew all the way from California just in time to be greeted by one of the worst blizzards in the history of New York City, but that didn’t slow her down one bit. In fact, because DJ Enuff may not be able to make it home tonight due to the nasty weather, she invited him for an impromptu Pajama Jammy Jam (because we are all jealous of the one Swizz Beatz threw this week).

Snoop Dogg will go down in history to be the first person to be a guest on the show by calling in and giving us the inside scoop on what to expect during “The Tip Off,” All-Star weekend.

While Snoop joined in on the show, Nessa still had more surprises in store for her listeners who were either stuck in traffic or enjoy their extra time off at work.

J. Cole who admitted that he once told her, “you need to be at Hot 97,” took out some time as he landed in this nasty weather in New York City to call in and congratulate her on the new gig.

With the nasty weather putting a roadblock on our day, Nessa brought some warmth to everybody as they prepared for quite possibly the nastiest snow storm New York City, and introduced us to her partner-in-crime “sugar” lips.

Welcome to Hot 97!