MiMi Has Nothing On K. Michelle When It Comes to Sextapes !

It’s clear the stars of Love & Hip Hop aren’t camera shy whether it’s with their clothes on or off! There have been sextapes floating around from cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and now veteran K. Michelle of Love & Hip Hop New York?.
During an interview with Global Grind, K. Michelle speaks on how she dibbles and dabbles with both men and women. In doing so, she goes on to say how a girl claims to have a sextape out with her and one another girl. Right after saying that, without hesitation she says ” Yeah I did that. I just told her to make sure it’s airbrushed, make sure I look good.” Shockingly, K. Michelle isn’t worried about it being leaked, in fact she could careless. She states “Whoever wants to leak a f–ing tape, go f–ing right ahead,” Although she knows of the sextapes shes done, she feels there isn’t one, that its just an attempt to get money from her. Guess we will be looking out for the next sextape of 2015.