Love & War: Moniece of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood & Jhonni Blaze of Love& Hip Hop New York Had A lot To Say To One Another When It Came To Who?! 

It wouldn’t be Love & Hip Hop if the stars of the show didn’t throw jabs at each other after each unflattering episode. So when Season 5 star Jhonni Blaze went toe-to-toe with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Moniece Slaughter, there wasn’t any shock — until we actually took a look at the shade-filled convo between them. 

YMonday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop (“Regrets Only”), Jhonni got a little up close and person with Rich Dollaz and it was implied that the two had some serious adult time in the restroom. The problem? Rich is said to be dating Moniece presently and it looks like his girl wasn’t having it. 

Though we’re not sure what triggered the slam session, we do know the tweets were pretty epic. Here’s just a few snippets of their back and forth:

That’s literally only half of it!

By the end of their s**t talking, Jhonni had blocked Moniece yet again, and Moniece said they could settle their dispute like adults if Jhonni would just answer her DMs or give her a ring. Thing is, we know how these ladies like to settle disputes, so we don’t expect it ending in a conversation over tea, instead it will end in us sippin tea. 

All we can wonder now is if the ladies will finally come face to face should Moniece join Rich at the Love & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion.