Kylie Has Some New Assets ?! 

     Oh boy! Looks like Kris Jenner has done it again! Aside from the announcement that the Kardashians have inked a new deal, and even richer after signing on to do four more seasons of ‘KUWTK‘, looks like the youngest of the family is ALL grown up. In addition to her wanting to date and “hang” out with grown men such as Tyga, looks like baby sister Kylie Jenner may have gotten some new enhancements?!? The 17 year old definitely flaunted a fuller shape on social media this week, which definitely had people scratching their heads in disbelief. Disbelief that the girl is only 17, and it looks like Mom Kris Jenner may have allowed her youngest child to get a** shots?… Being that she’s underage she would definitely need parental consent. With a mom like hers in addition to her poor confused father….this may very well be the case. I wonder if Tyga had something to do with this!