Khloe Kardashian Speaks About How She Couldn’t Handle French Montana’s Clingy Behavior

Looks like Khloe kept it all the way funky on the most recent episode of ‘Khloe and Kourtney Takes The Hamptons’. Now months ago the duo came public when they decided to break things off from one another, and at the time rumors were flying around that Frenchie boy was too needy, and required much attention. Too much attention that Khloe wasn’t use to giving or prepared to give being that she’s still married. Well in the episode that aired last night, viewers got to see where the end became near for these two after Khloe blasted French for not telling her he went to jail, making her find out via IG. Khloe at that point was fed up with the rapper, and admitted to the fact she only dated him out of loneliness. She also threw in the fact that he called and wanted to FaceTime too damn much for her liking.
Check Out Khloe’s words:

“It’s nothing against French,” she says. “I just think I don’t want a boyfriend.”

She also says: “I am more mad that he had time to Instagram than respond to my texts. I jumped into something because I was like lonely and destructive. But now I’m like, I just want to be alone … I gotta grieve, I’m still married.”