JUSTICE?: Ferguson Police Department Found Guilty For What?! 

After an investigation from the Justice Department, it looks Ferguson, Missouri has been found guilty of something.

Although, the killing of Michael Brown spurred the conversation, they couldn’t prove that the police had violated his rights under the constitution.

But they DID find out that the police officers in the area have repeatedly violated the constitution of the black residents in the city, by using “excessive force and making unjustified traffic stops for years,” according to the New York Times.

The report concludes with proof that the department repeatedly made “racist jokes in their e-mails,” and pulled blacks over at an alarming rate of twice the rate of other whites.

It continues by saying that, “they concluded that, over the past two years, African-Americans — who make up about two-thirds of the city’s population — accounted for 85 percent of traffic stops, 90 percent of citations, 93 percent of arrests and 88 percent of cases in which the police used force.”

The full report should be released tomorrow, and there is no word on what the punishment would come from the violations.