Is Drake On The Movie Scene Again? Hmmm Just Wait On It !

Recent Sony leak scandal where Angelina Jolie was ridiculed as having minimal talent, Kevin Hart was accused of being a “money whore,” and President Obama was racially criticized, but with all that being said, there was actually some good news to follow up on. An email from Spike Lee‘s agent, Doug Belgrad, revealed that a School Daze sequel might be in the works and they were hoping to cast one of hip-hop’s leading men, Drake, and a box office hit maker, Kevin Hart as two of the main characters.

Belgrad said this about the film in his pitch email:

“I believe in the film both as an entertainment — a college film — and as a provocative and exciting piece about the conflict of traditional values (education, college) and hip hop/star/celebrity culture.” Drake would play the role of “PE*NIS” and Kevin Hart would star as “DAT N***A JIGGA.”

Unfortunately, this email was dated back to last Spring so maybe it doesn’t seem like Sony was all that interested in making the deal. Only time will tell what the outcome will be for this movie idea, but Spike Lee, Drake, and Kevin Hart aren’t too worried because they’ve all been working on individual projects for the new year.