Is Carmelo Regretting His Decision?

Carmelo Anthony re-signed with the New York Knicks with visions of a new successful team, especially with a new president of the Knicks and new head coach. Now, two months into the season, the Knicks are 4-20 with no positive signs that the triangle offense is working in New York. Is Anthony regretting his decision?

According to a report from Marc Berman of the New York Post,Melo is willing to waive his no-trade clause to go to a better situation. According to ESPN, Carmelo denied those rumors.

Carmelo replies by saying:
“Come on, man. After all the work I did to get here and get back here? If I was to get up and want to leave now that would just make me weak, make me have a weak mind, he said. “I’ve never been a person to try to run from any adversity or anything like that so I’m not going to pick today to do that.”