Beyoncé  “7’11” Cover By TeenageGirl  Has Broke The Internet

Watch the Beyonce cover that has the entire internet abuzz

Late last year, Beyonce re-released her surprise 5th, self-titled LP, and in addition to the album’s original records, Bey threw in this Bobby Johnson-produced banger, “7/11,” which, despite having no real verses, catapulted to #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Inspired by the record, Kyla Imani, a young guitar-player, New York City resident and Beyonce fan got together with a young video director, Mega, and created her own version of “7/11,” complete with balcony shots, a girl pyramid and a “YALE” sweatshirt to mimic the “KALE” crew neck Mrs. Carter wore in her visual.

It’s well done, it’s refreshing, and it replaces some of the more mature themes of Beyonce’s video with friendly, age appropriate content, without compromising the coherence or musicality of the piece. Watch it below. 

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