Audio From 911 Call Reveals Ray J Was Scared for His Life. . . Literally!

The end of 2014 was very eventful and scary for R&B artist and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Ray J .Last month he called 911 because he thought his current girlfriend Princess Love might be serious about committing suicide. Just last night though, new audio was revealed that not only was he scared that wifey would take her own life, but that she would take him too.

“She’s threatening to kill herself because I wanted to end the relationship… I went back to try and find the gun, but she won’t show it to me,” Ray J said. “I don’t want to be in the house because Earl just killed his girlfriend, I’m thinking she might kill me.

Check out the audio below from TMZ:

Ray J — 911 Call for Suicidal Girlfriend … ‘She Might Kill Me First’

Ray J was afraid his girlfriend was going to pull a murder-suicide — offing him and then herself — just days after rapper Earl Hayes did the same … at least according to his 911 call that day.