In new interview,  Queens MC and mogul, 50 Cent talks about what he thinks of Toronto rapper Drake, as well as what he thinks of his highly praised  new project, “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late“. Qiuite a few artists have been weighing in on Drake, and how they feel about the young ‘6 god’, who’s made history with new mixtape, after all tracks made the Billboard. This actually helped him to surpass the Beatle’s record on the charts. Artists like Kanye, Ghostface, and now Fifty have all weighed in to give their opinions on Drake as a rapper; and Fifty definitely had a lot to say  on the topic of Drizzy.

“His mixtape reflects that,” 50 said last night about Drake being a fan. “But boy, that ni**a was on point, wasn’t he? He came through there with his s**t sharp. It was tight.”
“Look, I don’t have favorite artists, I have favorite moments from artists,” 50 continued. “Like, ‘Ooh, you ain’t gonna beat him at that, not that, that’s what he do,’ you know what I’m saying? All of us have those moments, I think, but not everybody can appreciate it.”